If I am renting my property on a seasonal basis, is home watch necessary?

Yes. Regular home watch visits are needed especially if you are renting your property. We can keep tabs on your property while you aren't there and email results we find. We ensure that your property is taken care of.

Is the cost worthy?

If your home has home watch it will certainly bring peace of mind. When regular visits are completed, we can let you know when a problem is about to arise...before you walk into a flood.

Insurance costs and claim adjustments

Some Insurance Companies will give discounts if you can show that you have home watch. But, of course, check with your insurance company.

Why is it best to have your company watch my house as apposed to my neighbor?

People who have their neighbors watch their home many times still hire a professional home watch company as well. Home watch professionals are trained to look for problems as they begin. Anyone can come into your home to find a gushing water pipe under the kitchen sink, by then it is too late. Home watch professionals will many times see the drip before it becomes an all out broken pipe. Not to mention we are insured and bonded for your peace of mind.